Just No.

  • Hire diversely. Proceed to pay your employees fairly and equally. This applies whether you run an ice cream stand or an international conglomerate.
  • Invest across the sociocultural board. Consider a blind pitch policy.
  • Take down confederate monuments swiftly — Lexington, KY, you get some bonus points today for proactively (in a 150 years late kind of way) taking steps to deal with yours in the wake of yesterday’s events.
  • Make an effort to expose your kids to worlds beyond your own…it can be as simple as a trip to a deliberately chosen playground or selecting multicultural books. Talk about the hard stuff.
  • Attempt to do a crossword puzzle from a foreign newspaper. Something in English from Australia or Ireland is totally fine — this isn’t a trick. Yet I guarantee you’ll have a new appreciation and compassion for those trying to find their footing in a new culture.
  • Read! Actual books and actual newspapers written by actual authors and journalists. Our facebook feeds don’t count. I know I’m guilty of not reading nearly as much as I did before the advent of social media and my world knowledge and analysis is worse for it. I have to imagine I’m not alone.



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Lauren Hoehlein Joseph

Lauren Hoehlein Joseph

American in Berlin | VP People @Grover | @TheGrommet Alum | @Dartmouth Alum | Marathoner | Feminist | Mom